When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge.
— Tuli Kupferberg

If you are viewing this website, there is a good chance that you, or someone you care about is stuck. Defy the Cycle is a practice that provides therapy, or counseling, to help you break, or defy the cycle of repetition. It is time to stop repeating and do something different. Moving away from unhelpful patterns can bring you closer to the life you want to live.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is when someone experiences unwanted, intrusive thoughts, images, or urges. Thoughts are often paired with rituals aimed to reduce distress. Themes include, but are not limited to, contamination, unintentional harm, religion, relationships, sexual orientation, and “bad thoughts.”

Hoarding describes a situation in which acquiring and saving things overwhelms living spaces. Others often do not understand the value the owner places on their  belongings, which can lead to relationship strain and isolation.

A person with Body Dysmorphic Disorder is very concerned with a perceived flaw in their appearance that others do not seem to recognize. The focus is paired with repetitive behaviors like mirror checking, excessive grooming, reassurance seeking, comparing, and even drastic attempts to change one’s appearance.

Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors are behaviors of excessive self grooming that result in observable bodily damage. Examples include Trichotillomania (hair pulling) and  Excoriation (skin picking).