New Client paperwork


The following documents apply to ALL CLIENTS. Please read through these policies and procedures. 

Practice Orientation



Please complete the following forms and bring them to your session with your insurance card (if applicable).


Informed Consent/HIPAA Signature page


If the identified client is a MINOR, please review and complete the additional form. 

Practice with Minors


If you would like me to be able to communicate with someone about your treatment, please complete the following form. Please mark ONLY the boxes that apply.

Release of Information


If you want a family member or friend to come into the therapy session with you, please have the person read and sign this form. 



If you prefer to complete paperwork on arrival, please allow approximately ten minutes to complete paperwork. Upon entering the office, you will find a black bookcase. on the top shelf, there is a blue folder containing paperwork for adults and a red folder containing paperwork for a minor. 


I am looking forward to meeting you.


My Best,

Amber Zeisler